1. Thoughts on panel #2:
    I can see you showing up to your high school reunion with either the chicken mask or the bald eagle mask and tallons you wear to deliver your kids forgotten homework. I feel like this is advice to yourself not to do this. Lmao. Love it!

  2. There’s a conventional wisdom that says it’s important to try things outside your comfort zone to learn and grow, an idea obviously bologna. Like a throw pillow, it’s intended to be looked at but never meant for practical use. Miss Frizzle used to say “get messy. Make mistakes!” But we all know that if Miss Frizzle spent less time planning field trips and more time outside the classroom with her peers she’d know better. To this day I’m imagine her poor students are still suffering the consequences of having learned to be risk-takers. Fitting in is ever ever the only best course in life.
    By the way I thoroughly enjoy your work. Sincerely, -Conflicted Over-analyzer

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