1. I just do it with our kids…and co workers.

    CONSTANTLY confuse my daughters names cause they look so much alike even though they are 6 years apart. And people at work? Just because I’m around them all day does not mean I remember who came in and when.

  2. I called my Father our dog’s name last night as I was walking in the kitchen door with some grocery bags?, but I corrected myself before I completely said the wrong name..LOL ?. It happens, we’re human we make mistakes..

  3. I think it hereditary. My grandma did it and so did my mom. I DO call my children by the dogs name and vice versa. And I never get it right on the second try either. I have to go through the whole list. But what is most embarrassing is I don’t always use the correct gender on certain words. I’ll say he instead of she or her instead of him. I know the difference, but my mouth doesn’t. My kids ALWAYS point it out. Ugh!

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