1. Distance learning starts on 4/13 for my middle and high schoolers, 4/20 for my elementary. We’ve been out since 3/6 and we’re ALL crazy. Our brains have effectively melted.

  2. I’m a professor. My wife teaches first grade. We have two kids at home. Your cartoons are great. Keep up the great work. Thanks for making time to create them. The one with the bagel happened verbatim in our house!

    • Thank you so much! I love that the bagel thing happened to you too! There’s nothing a bagel can’t improve.

  3. As a high school teacher with high schoolers and adult kids at home, most of your comics are SPOT ON for me! We are ALL in this together trying to figure it out. Thank you for sharing your experiences and making us all laugh at ourselves.

  4. Distance learning! If you pick the most obedient cats to arrange with it will work. Distance learning never works. just today my computer randomly restarted and I missed part of a lesson 😐

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