We’ll get right on that

This cartoon is straight from our life. We always think stuff around the house is going to take a long time and a lot of work to repair. But in reality it usually takes seconds.

Don’t ever hire us as your handyman crew.

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WD-40 Door Stuck for a year 500





  1. My husband always tells me something that needs to be fixed will only take “a split second” or “like 10 minutes.. Possibly 15 at the most” to fix, but it takes him weeks or months to get to fixing it. I’ve also learned that when he claims something “will only take 5 minutes,” I might as well start reading a novel to pass time. Not quite sure this is. Maybe he has high expectations for himself and is setting a goal time? Maybe he has a bad sense of time? Or perhaps he gets so engrossed in the mechanics of fixing something that it consumes more of his time than expected? I may never know. I’ll just continue to enjoy Hedger Humor while waiting for him to finish whatever takes so long.

  2. Whew, nice to know mine’s not the only family with this issue! 😉 It amazes me how much MORE time I spend being annoyed by something than actually just fixing it!

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