Two School Cartoons

We started online school last week, and this was Claire’s initial reaction:

And next, here’s some of what went on during the week. I have to say, I’m really impressed with the school, the teachers and the students. Everyone was being flexible, patient and understanding—and helping each other with technical issues, questions, etc. We’re all learning some good lessons in what it takes to adjust to something different, and how to support each other through it. Wishing all you students, teachers and parents the best of luck, no matter how school is starting for you!


  1. Teachers have the patience of Job. I overheard my daughter’s math teacher attempting to help one student unmute his microphone and another one learn how to access their “homework desktop.” It took half the class time to do this and hilarity ensued because it sounded like the rest of the class had their microphones unmuted.

  2. Good Lord, I don’t know how they do it…such patience.. God Bless the Teachers:-)

    I think I would be pulling my hair out dealing with the ‘technical issues’.

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