1. Hello Adrienne, I’m writing this comment from my home in France. I just discovered your cartoons and they’re just sooo good ! I spent the entire day watching your previous cartoons, congratulations !
    Father of 2 kids also, this quarantine will be a lot easier to live with your drawings, thanks :-). The 2nd one above is so true.
    Have a good day, take care !
    A french admirer

  2. Well, I love your cartoons even though I have no children. I live in Wi and during this lockdown I have just waited for a couple of warm days,!. I am an avid gardener and just want to clean up the yard, literally, since I have two dogs and also the gardens.
    I did a couple of hours yesterday and another two today. I can barely move I am so sorry. But happy to be doing something beside sitting. Thanks for all your humor.

  3. Thank you!!! As a father of a teenage boy (15) and daughter (10), I swore you were talking about our family! We also started off with a regular schedule but moved to more flexibility in routine. I have share your strip regularly with my family and we shout out who in our house that is. Thank you for bringing a smile to our house. Great work!!!

  4. The second cartoon has that picture of you from an old cartoon when you and Claire were “both being productive”. 😉

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