TV then vs. now

I did a cartoon for Disney’s Babble site about Watching TV Then Vs. Now. Can you even believe how much TV has changed? Pausing, rewinding, watching on demand, recording anything anytime… these are not things we did when I was a kid!

Here’s what went on when I was little…


Since I did the cartoon for Babble, I can’t run the entire thing here on my site. But I can tell you where to find it!

See it on Twitter here.

See it on Facebook here. 

What do you remember about TV “back in the day”?



  1. Hee hee! The earliest I remember TV was black and white, had 2 channels and about 15 minutes of children’s TV per day. My kids would not be able to live like this! 😛

  2. It was always fun going outside to turn…physically turn the antenna to find said signal then pray it stays for the duration of the show.

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