Today’s cartoons

I’ve been posting more cartoons, in an effort to take people out of the stress of the day — even for just a moment. Or at least to help us feel like we’re all in this together. Here are the cartoons I posted today.

This cartoon captured my feelings about how warped time is right now… I feel like things have been different for a year. But no. It hasn’t been a year.

This one was based on my outing yesterday:

And finally, a cartoon from years ago, reminding us to dig deep and love each other, quirks and all.


  1. I like to read but sitting and sitting is giving me aches and pains. Thanks for the cartoons.
    It does seem like forever, especially since I was home for the week prior with a bad cold…….ugh.

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart, it really helps top read your funny cartoons in these crazy times 🙂
    Greetings from Switzerland, where we also stay inside.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this. I eagerly click on your posts nowadays cause they have been so relate-able.

    So glad to know that others also have a fear of sneezing/coughing in public – I was convinced that any sneeze/cough will lead to me being stoned in broad daylight.

  4. My kids are I are enjoying so much your cartoons. Thank you for bringing laughs at our home during this quarantine.

  5. In the first cartoon, are you really in real clothes, sitting in a chair that is not covered in crumbs and blankets, at a clean table, in quarantine? Impressive! 😉

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