1. Or, if you’re my son, you have one of two options, depending on whether you want to leave the house or not:

    1) If you want to leave house, run to the front door and stand there with your hand on the doorknob until you are told you must be fully clothed and have shoes on. Comply, unless you do not want to wear shoes, then tell your parents “No socks! No shoes!” until they let you want to the car barefoot.
    2) If you don’t want to leave the house, yell “No car ride!” repeatedly and hide on your bed until your parents get sick of struggling with you and accept defeat. You will stay in the house all day playing games while your mother looks longingly at the beautiful blue sky and sunshine through the window, thinking of the great time you two could be having out there instead of couped up inside, not to mention all the groceries that needed to be bought that day.

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