The Life and Times of Weezer Pinko

It was a Thursday afternoon when my daughter Kate (then age seven) discovered an imaginary friend. His name was Weezer Pinko, and he communicated to her via her belly button. (I know. Weird.)

“Mom!” she yelled, “Weezer Pinko is talking to me!”

I was like, “That’s great, Kate.”

Then she looked down at her belly button and asked:

She listened for a moment, then announced:

I was like, “No, I can’t manage that.”

But Weezer Pinko was undeterred. In fact, his demands grew more outrageous as the afternoon wore on.

Even Kate seemed exasperated by some of his requests.

Then a strange thing happened. (OK, stranger thing.) Later that afternoon we stopped by my optometrist’s office to pick up my contacts. While we were there, the doctor gave Kate a balloon.

Back in the car, she studied the balloon closely. Then she excitedly announced, “Mom! THIS BALLOON IS WEEZER PINKO!”

She hugged it and said, “I love you Weezer Pinko!”

I tried to follow this. “Wait, so Weezer Pinko left your belly button and took the form of a balloon?” I asked.

“Yes!” said Kate.

Then, predictably:

We got home (with no help from Weezer Pinko), and Kate left him in the car so her sister would have NO access.

The next morning, Kate was overjoyed to see her friend. She went to school, and when I picked her up, she told Weezer Pinko about her day. Back at home, we got out of the car and Kate started to bounce Weezer Pinko in the air. Up… down… up… down…

She was full of joy. I can only assume Weezer Pinko was as well.

Then… disaster.

In the blink of an eye, Weezer Pinko was gone.

This wasn’t well received.

I had to drag Kate into the house. She crumpled to the ground, sobbing “WHY?”

I tried to console her, but it was no use. Finally, I left her there and started making dinner.

A good 20 minutes later she was still going strong. I checked back in and found her making pronouncements such as:

No, she’s not dramatic. Why do you ask?

At this point, I wasn’t sure what to say. So I just asked, “Did Weezer Pinko say anything to you before he popped?”

She looked at me, her face soaked with tears, and without missing a beat she said:

“He asked for a jet pack.”

A jet pack. To propel himself away from the spiky plant… to safety.

Kate looked into the distance. “A jet pack,” she whispered.

Poor Weezer Pinko. In his dying wish, he finally got it right.


  1. Your cartoons are sooooo funny…everyday I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. And everyday…without fail, u put a smile on my face. Keep making me smile….even laugh out loud every now and then…?

  2. You really outdid yourself with this one. It is so cute! How in the world do
    you come up with so many cute cartoons?! Have a great day!

    • We reminisced this morning about Weezer Pinko. She still has a soft spot for that little guy! I tell her to keep a journal about her life in case she wants to create stories (or cartoons!) later, but so far she seems uninterested. Kids! (Also, neither one of my kids is interested in cartooning. What the heck?)

  3. RIP Weezer Pinko! Next you should tell her that Weezer Pinko came to you IN A DREAM! And he asked you for a cotton candy machine, a ride on a helicopter, a photo of a koala bear baby, and a journal for Kate, along with some nice pens, the latter so that she can record all the memories she has of him so that he may live on in perpetuity. Think you can manage that?

  4. Thanks for this cartoon and story! It reminded me of my now 23 year old daughters three imaginary friends who would always come out when she was bored or tired: Milia, Assidy, and Samantha. One day, after not hearing from them in a while I asked her how they were and she told me they were dead. I asked what happened and all she would say was that it had been a horrible accident!

    • You’re right! Thank you for letting me know! That must have happened when I moved my site. I’ll look up those pictures and fix it!

  5. I love this story! And the one about Claire, yelling, “You owe me a banana, punk!”…… I almost died. You should write more stories about them😉🤣

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