1. Loved this cartoon!

    Our cats would say
    “At last some peace and quiet”.
    If they’re in a bad mood,maybe even
    “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

  2. Good thing dogs don’t have fingers! Mine would go “Squirrel! Cat! Neighbor kids! Grandma! Treat! Walk! Another dog! Barking out the window for no reason!” Gotta love dogs.

  3. My recently deceased dog was quite a character his name was ‘Shaq’ and he would text us the following list of requests: 1.) Bring home more food & treats 2.)You forgot to put some fresh ice in my water dish to keep my water refreshenly cold. 3.) You need to monitor your time wisely, remember you have to get back BEFORE dark to bring me back into the house.

  4. That is exactly what my dog would text us! She is so anxious when she is alone. But she sends us her messages by emptying out all the trash cans in the house onto the floor. It’s a fun game. Lol

  5. My hamster would just send us a bunch of gibberish and then text, “oh sorry. I was chewing on the phone and I pressed some buttons accidentally!”

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