1. A stupid thing I did just 20 minutes ago.

    Me: *pats pockets, one eyebrow raised*

    *checks floor and table*


    *turns on flashlight on phone to look for phone*

    *10 minutes later realizes I’m holding it*

  2. all these things happened, also here is what happened just 2 days ago-
    i decided to escape the country and go on a holiday to fin-land while the kids were at camp and my husband was on a trip to help his parents for they fell sick of covid19
    on the day i was going to go, i was looking for my smartphone and sun-glassses.
    the taxi guy called me, saying he would have to leave at 2.00, but i kept looking, i turned the house upside down for those 2 things.
    at 1.50, i looked in the mirror and realized my glasses were on my head only! also i had my phone in my pocket the whole time! i was so shocked, i forgot the driver’s warning till 1.55. i ran down but the taxi was driving away! i ran after it, but tripped over a pebble. i missed the holiday and had to go home and wait for camp and the trip to be over

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