1. This. Is. Me.

    Oh my gosh.

    There are two more subsequent stages:
    (5) maniacal dedication to keeping area perfect
    (6) beginning to slip: “I’ll just put this here for a moment. Or until this afternoon. Next week…”

  2. Stage 5: Your kids cannot find ANYTHING, so you have to undo all your cleaning.

    Stage 6: You redo your cleaning.

    Stage 7: You forget to clean the oven and nearly burn off your hand.

    Stage 8: Celebrate.

    Stage 9: Your kids start making an even bigger mess than before your cleaning.

    Stage 10: You yell at your kids for undoing your hard work.

    Stage 11: You redo your cleaning.

    Stage 12: You burn down the house.

    Stage 13: You and your whole family cry.

    Stage 14: You blame your kids for it.

    Stage 15: You realise that it wasn’t your kids’ fault.

    Stage 16:You have to stay at Grandma’s for the next month.

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