1. I just found this cartoon of yours and love it so much!! In my spare time, I go through all of your older cartoons on here that I’ve never seen before, simply because I’m addicted and can’t get enough Hedger Humor! This cartoon is totally me and I’m only 25-years-old. My 3-year-old has a psycho meltdown if I turn the radio on, so we can’t listen to music while riding together. Nothing. Just silence. So on my way to and from work is my only time to listen to what’s new and cool on the radio these days. More often than not, I’m completely appauled by the crap I hear. Last year while listening, I heard Ryan Seacrest (I wanted to call him Ryan Seagull. Omfg) say that the #1 Song In America was “Work From Home,” which is not about what you might think it is! I was outraged. A couple months ago, I was in Subway and thet were playing some song that I’d never heard before but that’s apparently popular, one of the chorus lines is “I never knew I was hungry until I tasted you; Mmm, tastes so good; It don’t even need butter” (or something very close to that)! I was like “WTF!?!??!!!” I feel like the oldest 25-year-old in the world. Like all the other 20-somethings get this stuff and it’s cool with them and I should be too. Having a little one changes so much of your worldly perspective.

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