• Ooh, good one! There’s also the REALLY good singer. The one where you’re like, “You should be on The Voice.”

    • The show-off is usually a girl, who is bragging in body language about her pretty dress and her “flawless” (actually terrible) signing.

  1. Note: the “Thrower-upper should never be put near the “Fancy dresser” or the “Super-loud singer” unless you want super-loud shrieks. Instead, put him near the “Statue.” He will either be too petrified to notice or get his chance to exit the stage. I have never seen a thrower-upper or been a thrower-upper, so I guess I’m lucky. I have seen one statue, though, and I felt really bad even though I didn’t know her. What kind of performer do you most often see?

    • Excellent strategic thinking, Chandra! Lol! The statue is the one I see the most. I feel like a lot of times there are a bunch of statues then one super-enthusiastic singer. No matter what, though, they are all super cute!

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