1. When I was 4 I used to eat fine sand or chalk. This summer, my 4 year old swallowed a window cling from the preschool. And my little sister, at about 4 years old once chewed him she found somewhere (on the ground? peeled off a bus seat? we still don’t know). (and WTH, 4 year olds!?) Amazingly, she’s still kicking around at the ripe old age of 21 and now trying to keep her toddler (not 4! Only 1) from eating random things. Karma.

  2. Unfortunately, the understanding of what is and isn’t gross is not something kids are born with, it has to be taught. ?

  3. Dog food is a big one in my house. Anything previously edible after its fallen on the garage floor (ew). The other day some party goers toldmme that my son ate his candle… I’m not sure how true that was. And just today my littlest found candy outside which I didn’t see till I noticed his green tongue and pulled what was left out of his mouth. Its good for the immune system, right?

  4. My eldest: “I LOVE Flamin’ hot Cheetos!”

    Me: “But we don’t buy those. Did a friend give you one at lunch?”

    Eldest: “Nah. I ate one I found on the school bus. It was on the seat…”

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