1. I enjoy when the fit would continue, but they forget WHY they were throwing the fit.

    “Do you remember WHY you started crying?”

    “The dog…”


    “My brother…”

    “Not even close.”

    • When my son was smaller he would roll around the floor screaming. One day I decided to get on the floor and roll around with him screaming and laughing “hey this is fun”. He looked at me like I’d lost my mind, got up and started watching TV. Every time he “tried” to throw a tantrum I’d throw one right along with him. I guess he figured his antics wasn’t working and before long the tantrums stopped altogether. Kid – zero, Mom – SCORE!

      Happy Mother’s Day ladies!!

    • I used to climb off the bed and bang my head on the floor and start crying so I could get my mom’s smpathy when I was supposed to be taking a nap!

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