Playing on Repeat

Ah, holiday music. It’s so wonderful and nostalgic… until you hear it for the billionth time.

Shout out to those who are *already* starting to hear too much! I did this cartoon for Music & Arts, an online music store that also offers instrument rentals, music lessons & instrument repair at stores throughout the U.S. It’s a company that loves music… even holiday music, played over and over and over…




  1. You read my mind. I hate listening to Xmas music early. But all my friends are listening to it while I do my best to wait until after Thanksgiving, but it’s getting hard!

    • Yes, I checked this station out online, I live in Northern New Jersey a city called Paterson. You may remember my infamous city from the movie “Lean on Me’ starring Morgan Freeman about Eastside High School. WOW! 98.5 WTFM they are serious about their xmas music it’s fantastic I love it! Thanks for letting us know about WTFM:-)

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