OK, where’s the spoon full of sugar?

I did this cartoon for Momtastic. It’s somewhat based on my kids… Claire will drink bad-tasting medicine now, but I need to prepare about 100 chasers for her. The taking-a-pill thing is still iffy!

(P.S. It’s also quite difficult to administer medicine to my dog! I need to do a pet version of this cartoon.)

Momtastic Giving Kids Medicine 500



  1. You forgot eye drops. My kids had pink eye when they were about 2 and 4. They would cry about the drops and I had NO IDEA if any of the medicine was getting in there. Finally, I had to bribe them with mini-marshmallows…one for each eye.

  2. I dread any medicine episode with my youngest.
    On contrary I only have pleasant memories about my childhood medicine events ?

  3. so true! luckily my dad was a doctor, and i still remeber a thing or two-
    for syrup medicine get them a chocolate cupcake, red velvet cookies, a popsicle, candy, soda etc
    ear drop- tell them they can have an extra 2 hours of tv time if they cooperate
    baby- be very careful and ask the doctor for help
    pills- put the pill in a glass of water, then use a food coloring that is the color of one of their favorite drinks[just a little] and give it to them

  4. The thing with bad tasting medicine is that you won’t know until you take it, and after that, it’s possible that the medicine won’t stay down.

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