Oh the fun that was had!

Here’s a cartoon I did for Babble… Have you ever done something fun with a little kid, and then when you ask them “What was your favorite part?” their answer is hilariously random?

When Kate was little, we took her to an amusement park all day. Rides, food, shows, etc. Later she told us her favorite part was the TRAM RIDE from the parking lot to the main entrance.

The FREE tram ride.


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  1. 13 years ago we drove CROSS COUNTRY to California…Disneyland to be exact. My daughter was 2-3, my brother in law was with us at age 8. After staying a week in Disneyland (meeting ALL their favorite characters), driving for multiple days, seeing Seaworld, the arc in St. Louis, HIS favorite part was the fact that my daughter could not say the word “Bridge” right. At 3, you can guess what she said…but still.

  2. Hey now, I’m 25 and escalators are still the best part to me! Then again, I haven’t travelled that much.. Our son is 3 and we haven’t taken him to an amusement park or flown on a plane with him, nothing like that. But I can totally see him getting such a kick out of an escalator that he’d never want to ride it over and over and over. It would probably take a lot of human force to remove him from it.

  3. Yes! My son’s favorite part is never what I expect. We went to the lake last weekend and his favorite part wasn’t playing with his cousins or riding the tube or jumping off the boat into the water… It was “being ducks” when we went out without the cousins and there were so many ducks around, we were ducks. I was mommy duck, L was baby duck and Zane wanted to be daddy duck which made dad another baby duck. I love that kid.

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