1. Better that than having them watch the family cat do it to a squirrel or bird in the yard. It’s a sign of love from them, but horrifying to have your child watch…then chase the cat around the yard with the animal in its mouth. It goes from “Aw” to “AH” to “kitty, why?!?!?!”

  2. I’ve done this to my daughters soo many times…I excitedly play them some movie I have fond memories of or think is a great story – but apparently I have a really selective memory, and a scary/tragic part comes and next thing I know they’re in tears! I always feel so bad! (But like your cartoon, there is an element of humor to it, too!!)

  3. Oh dear, National Geographic is a minefield!! Except in my family, I’m the one who cries about the poor penguins. My kids say sagely: “circle of life mum!” ?

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