1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have two children with holiday birthdays and another one due any day. This is totally how I feel. I may have forgotten a child’s birthday last year due to the holiday stress (it was fine. He was only turning two). I can only imagine next year with three birthdays in a month’s span, along with Christmas. Yikes!

  2. Well, tell her she’s not getting any presents on her birthday and her Christmas presents count as her birthday presents…and no elaborate party. Not enough time!

  3. Anniversary is the 14th.
    Twin nephew/niece on the 20th.
    My little one was born ON Christmas. (his little brother born in the middle of the years so we may be celebrating a X.5 birthday in future!!)
    Mine is 2 days after.
    My dad’s is the day after mine.
    December is … busy! But we love every minute of it! 😉

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