1. My cat is a weirdo. If I don’t greet her the second I come through the door when I get home from work, she will meow and meow, and follow me around until I pay attention to her. So I usually greet my husband, and then the cat will come rub up against me and I pet her and say, “hi Saber!”

  2. My son’s dog must have been the model for this cartoon. I come back from the bathroom and she acts like I’ve been on an extended overseas vacation. Then there’s the nonstop licking. My skin must taste either like chocolate or dog biscuits. Hmmm. I’ll have to try it.

  3. This is the complete opposite in my house. Whenever I leave to check the mail, my son announces “Mommy’s gonna check the mail!” When I return he either says, “Mommy checked the mail!” or “Mommy’s home!” (even when I’ve been home for hours). He then wants to go though the mail and “read” any grocery flyers we might have gotten.
    We have 4 cats and one will start meowing very loudly and frantically if I don’t greet her when I get home. None of the others seem to care unless it happens to be “feeding time.”

  4. My husband, 3-year-old and I have 4 cats, 3 fish and a snail. The snail lives in the fish tank and does nothing interesting. The fish are quite friendly and social. They swim up to the glass to greet you when visited, more often than not. Our yellow one has claimed the castle in the tank. I call him Elvis and like to say he’s “the King of the Castle.”
    Two of my cats (I claim superior ownership of them) bring me so much joy and excitement, I think you would say I’m as crazy about them as you are about your dog. Every day, I find them curled up sleeping together or grooming each other. It’s so cute, I still call my husband over to admire their cuteness often. Sometimes it’s too much to bear, I have to take pictures or videos of them laying together. They are both females and I call them my “Princesses.” I have taught my son to call them this and so whenever he sees them, he says “The Princesses!” And I say, “Yes, they are Princesses. And so must treat them like royalty.” Don’t get me wrong, I still love our other two very much. They just don’t do as many overly adorable things. Lol

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