1. Very often, I will drink coffee to the last drop, but I have been known to throw some out. Reason being, that I don’t want to knock it over, and spill coffee on the table. I don’t always drink every last drop.

  2. Hi Adrienne, Yes I will spend all day drinking the same coffee & reheating it all day long until I finish drinking it, but sometimes I will invariably end up pouring some down the drain….gotta love that delicious coffee though:-)

  3. I saw a coffee mug that says “I’ll start working once my coffee does”. Now I have the same “motto” in my cubicle. I really cannot function well without a cup of coffee.

  4. Coffee is indeed an elixir of the gods bestowing super human strengths like the abilities to get out of bed, stay out of bed and dress ones self. Thank you coffee we are humbled.

  5. I was reminded of this cartoon of yours yesterday, when I found myself eating coffee flavored yogurt while drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast, while I sat there contemplating whether to stop and get more coffee on the way to the playground with my son later.. No. I’m not addicted to caffeine. Why would you ask that? *eye twitch*

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