Most Popular Cartoons This Year

Here they are! The Top 5 Most Popular Cartoons for 2017! In descending order…

Coming in at #5…

In collaboration with Babble.

And at #4…

And now to #3…

Based on a tweet by Simon Holland.

The #2 most popular…

Based on a tweet by Abby Has Issues.

And finally, #1…

Based on my life! The list is long… so long.

See this week’s newsletter for a few cartoons that ALMOST made the cut — and a behind-the-scenes look at making the “crouton cartoon.”

Thank you for reading this year, and stay tuned for a lot more humor in 2018!

Happy New Year!


  1. Hi ~ I love your cartoons!

    May I ask if you intend to add a little diversity in the characters that you create? Just wondering -I’d love to use them for my work (teaching), and it would be awesome if there were characters other than ‘white’.

    What would be required (permissions) to re-use some of your cartoons?

    Respectfully ~ Angela

    • You are welcome to use them! Thank you for asking! Most of the cartoons about about my family and taken directly from my life. Those are the cartoons with the brown-haired woman (me) and two blond-haired kids (my daughters). Sometimes my husband (gray hair) shows up too. Whenever I create cartoons that don’t involve my family, I’ve always made a point to add diversity in. And I’ll continue to do so! Thanks so much!

  2. Hi, I am writing from Italy and really love your cartoons! The one in front of a self-checkout happens to me all the time, and what about when it says “the weight does not match with the price “? My best compliments, you are real fun 🙂

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