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Simple ways to cope, presented in an amusing way. 

Click on the one you need…

  1. Stay strong in the face of challenges. Link
  2. Do something you don’t want to do. Link
  3. Helpful breathing techniques. Link
  4. Think of a funny headline to describe what’s happening. Link
  5. Deal with flashes of anger or frustration. Link 
  6. Choose how you will respond to things. Link
  7. Use funny words to boost your mood. Link
  8. Settle your emotions. Link
  9. These weather reporters will remind you that your moods will pass. Link 
  10. Use a mental BINGO card to set realistic expectations. Link
  11. Control your stress by getting curious. Link. 
  12. Cheer yourself up by thinking about how things care for you. Link
  13. Use a snow globe image to stay in the current moment. Link
  14. Are you stuck obsessing over a thought? Try the demolition crew. Link
  15. Influence your moods and thoughts with this “toaster” trick. Link.
  16. Don’t let your thoughts derail you. Link
  17. How to handle situations that feel overwhelming. Link 
  18. Find more wonder and awe all around you. Link 
  19. Stop thinking about an awkward moment. Link
  20. Imagine your challenge as a video game. Link
  21. Stop over-thinking. Link
  22. How to find overlooked beauty. Link 
  23. Don’t let your emotions overtake you. Link
  24. Fully lean in to your emotions and see a benefit. Link
  25. Amuse yourself by asking, “How would a pro wrestler handle this?” Link
  26. Simple breathing exercise to reduce anxiety. Link 
  27. Take a mini-vacation from your worries. Link
  28. Wake up to your actual life. Link 
  29. Use a “pretend survey” to stop worrying about what others think. Link 
  30. Get mad in order to cheer up. Link
  31. Why it’s helpful to picture life as trail mix. Link
  32. Remember: you don’t need to react to everything. Link
  33. Don’t try to become someone you’re not. Link
  34. Can bad news actually be good? Link
  35. Something to consider during tough times. Link

I’ll add more as we go!

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