1. Wanna bet that kid gets into glitter or sand or something before the glue dries or can be washed off?

  2. I totally get this – the other day we realized we’ve been using pods meant to clean the dishwasher in lieu of dishwasher detergent for weeks. I guess we have a clean dishwasher, and clean dishes!

  3. My 6yo likes to smear the eos ball of chapstick I keep in the glovebox not just on his lips, but all over his mouth & cheeks as he doesn’t use mirror. One day as we were driving, he was happily applying the chapstick all over his face when I looked over & exclaimed, “Stop!”

    In same glovebox, he had picked up another brightly colored, only slightly larger ball which unscrewed the same way—a spare women’s deodorant my teen had left there! It was now all over his mouth, so he had a very deodorized face!

    Thank you for your uplifting comics!

  4. One time, my grandma and I were making cupcakes and I volunteered to test the icing we found in the back of the cabinet, except it wasn’t icing, it was a mistake. It was really food coloring. I wish I’d known that before my tongue got dyed green. (It’s NOT funny)!

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