1. ACK!!! This happened to us recently. Minus the dying battery chirping. Just went immediately to FIRE FIRE FIRE at 2:30 AM. Flew from bed, grabbed the damn thing off the ceiling so as not to continue providing heart attacks to everyone, and did a full sweep of the house. Yeah. Nothing. Put new batteries in. Two weeks later, SAME THING. I was ready to chuck it and take my chances. Lordy. Can’t go off when it’s daylight and everyone is awake, can it?

  2. That happened last night. Seriously. One in the morning, smoke detector completely freaked out (leaving me awake and paranoid until 5 am). Never happened before. HOW DID YOU KNOW?

  3. Or a tree. Once a tree crashed over outside our house at three in the morning! I can’t believe the neighbors slept through that.

  4. My grandmother was visiting one time. My family is mostly mexican so the like spicy stuff. And EVERY TIME my mom and grandmother cooked, the alarm went off. After a few months it became normal.

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