1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I read some time ago that making the bed is actually detrimental to your health! Leaving to bed open to air and dry is much healthier! So now I have the perfect excuse never to make the beds! 😀

  2. My husband and I are 6 daily, 5 if anyone might see our room, and 3 when making the guest bed for company. Glad to know the health reason too! Not that lack of a good excuse was stopping us from being lazy haha.

  3. Usually i’m a 6, but when I have to I go for 3. And when it’s new sheets, It’s 1. But my
    family’s cleaners are usually a 2.

  4. the way i make my bed (im 10 by the way so): 1.throws all bed stuff on bed 2. let toys collect on bed and throw on floor when it is bedtime 3. dont “make” bed for weeks 4. repeat

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