Loose tooth drama

A cartoon I did for Momtastic about loose teeth. So much drama when a tooth is really, really loose! I’ve gotten to the point where I can pull teeth out — my kids, my friend’s kids, whoever. It’s not pleasant, but sometimes you have to do it! Ack! Have you ever gone there?

P.S. Here’s a funny article my friend Kim Bongiorno wrote to go along with the cartoon.



  1. Oh my!! Your cartoons are so funny and recognisable! It’s like you’re channelling my life sometimes! ? Just yesterday night we had this whole drama here… My middle son seems to be dropping teeth like they’re going out of fashion. It was bleeding and he was crying that it hurt… Unfortunately I’m not brave enough to pull it out, so we told him to ignore it and go to sleep… Not a chance! Until the crying abruptly stopped and he came running out of the room, ecstatic: “It fell out! It fell out!!” Phew! ?

  2. Omg too funny!!! So true…one goes and the rest follow. My poor child lost both front teeth two days before school started…epic school pics that year. Not so epic now that hes in college lol

  3. Our youngest had a loose tooth on the top and it just WOULD NOT come out. One night at the dinner table I tickled her and she hit her mouth off the table. POP! Out comes the tooth. Didn’t know whether to be proud or feel like a bad dad.

  4. When I was nine, I literally LOST my loose tooth! I gave the Tooth Fairy an IOU. Also I saw on the Simpsons that the Tooth Fairy pays TRIPLE for the last baby tooth. I charged her for pain and suffering because I had oral surgery.

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