1. I coached my kids from oldest age 6 (now 15) and she went from picking flowers by the cool and sitting there playing in the dirt to being a major defense of player. The only problem I had was trying to stop coaching her like she was still six years old.

  2. My observations of 4 year old soccer games. There’s:
    – The kid who got hot and tired and simply lay down spread-eagle at midfield; the ball rolled over him and the tornado of players jumped over as well and amazingly he wasn’t trampled
    – The kid blissfully picking flowers
    -who is ready to take on the whole team
    – The younger sibling on the sidelines who needs to be physically restrained to be kept off the field
    – You can tell which kids watch soccer at home because they can perform the adult victory dances
    – The kids who are abruptly done for the day after 20 minutes, leaving the teams to play 2-on-3
    – The parents having the time of their lives cheering and whooping while the kids are at a loss as to what the shouting is all about:
    – the snacks are hands down best part for both parents and kids

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