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I did this cartoon for, a site for parents to learn helpful tips on safe dosing, safe storage and safe disposal of over-the-counter medicines.

I’ll never forget the first time Kate threw up all over me. She was really young, so she couldn’t tell me what was happening. She just… boom! Barfed! The she and I looked at each other like, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”

What’s one of your most memorable moments as “Dr. Mom” or “Dr. Dad”?


  1. I still take 3-12 year olds nurofen for any pain I get due to a non-gastric complaint (I have to stick it out with gastric pain) and I’m 14!

  2. one time my sister got the stomach flu AND caught the bug. She got to stay home form school for 6 weeks. when my mom came to nurse her a bit, she always wore a raincoat,
    one time mom had to run some errands and dad was at work, so i had to baby-sit. i didn’t take more than gumboots, big mistake! she threw up all over when i handed her a lollipop. it took me 3 hours to get my shirt clean, and my best skirt was so messed up i had to throw it away.

  3. Don’t forget the first time you have to drive REALLY fast down the freeway because a kid threw up in the snack bag because they got carsick after an eating contest the previous day.

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