1. That’s how I got here, glad I saw your work! Now I’ve bookmarked your site to help keep me (somewhat) sane

  2. I laughed a lot at these because I’m a mom with two girls too, just a bit younger, and pretty much in the exact same “routine” if you can call it that even. It’s our Spring Break here in Georgia but also week 4 of quarantine. Hubby works from home when he motivates, we all play way too much Minecraft together, and the dishes, and live in jammies, and dinner and leftovers just keep on coming. My littlest (7) asked me “Is the Coronavirus going to make a lot of people fat?” And I laughed and said “Yes, it probably is because so many of us just sit around and comfort eat a ton.” She learned where the Klondike bars are today. Uh oh. Already asked if she could have one after breakfast tomorrow! Hang in there mom!

    • Oh my gosh, yes — we are going through very similar situations! Thank you for sharing this. It’s so fun to read about what’s happening somewhere that’s not my house! (Love the Klondike bar thing.) You hang in there, too — we will get through this!

  3. Dear Adrienne,
    These cartoons are the hilarious antidote to quarantining I needed right now.
    Thank you!
    A middle-school teacher writing to you in the same PJs worn for four weeks, eating a cookie for breakfast since her three teenaged daughters won’t be up until noon (because their dad makes them stay up late watching Rocky movies.)

  4. This article bought me to your site…and I am so happy to have discovered it. I love the commonality your strips show and the unexpected humor in these moments we’re all experiencing right now. With all the inherent seriousness and uncertainty we’re facing right now… your strips are a welcome distraction that put a smile on face.

    • Wow, this makes me SO happy, Stacey. You’ve captured exactly what I’m going for! Thank you so much for this comment!

  5. I found you through the HuffPost article! Thank you for finding the humor in everyday life — especially during social distancing! I will follow you regularly now!

  6. Such fabulous humor! I’m excited you were featured in HuffPost too! I have a good feeling that your name is spreading like wildfire! I really enjoy your humor; thank you for the giggles, especially right now.

    • Thank you so much! It was so exciting to have that article come out. I appreciate you coming by my site and leaving a comment!

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