1. So, it might turn out this way: the busy overworked mother ends up doing it herself,
    to prove a point…The gecko gets fed, and the daughter is still waiting for the mother to
    give in. That’s cute!…

  2. the mother does the “chore” [sorry, best word i could think of, chore] but kid is waiting for money and starts screaming this over and over like a broken record-
    money i need it, oh i want some candy, so pay me, yay bade and dube,
    so the mother gives in and pays the kid 10$ to shut her up. and also in hope the 10$ will cover a few more works.no such luck, when asked to take trash out, mom’s fined 10$.20. and for each chore mom is fined, with an extra 20 cents added to the payment. see this happened! i asked mary to feed sherry and well, she asked for 10$ i explained she didnt get it, you know the rest

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