How I Got Rid of Lice

I’m hearing a lot about lice lately, so I wanted to post this guide I created — it’s about how I got rid of lice when my daughter had a terrible case of it. Hopefully some people will find it helpful!

Feel free to download and share! Once the PDF file opens, you can right-click on it (on a PC) or Control-click (on a Mac) to save the file to your computer.

One Mom’s Guide: How I Got Rid of Lice


  1. A month before my girl started School, waaay back when she was two, I started adding tea tree oil to our shampoo, conditioner, detangler, frizz serum, husband’s shampoo, you name it!
    She is nine and a half now with thick, waist long, wavy hair and we’ve never had lice despite the epidemics breaking at School.
    Give it a try, it’s 10 drops of Tea Tree oil for every 8 ounces of product.

  2. Just shave your child’s head. Lice gone in no time. (Note: don’t make your kid look like a cancer patient.) Buzz cut for boys and a bob for girls. Washing is easier and the lice will have it way less cushy. Combine it with treatment just to be sure but just cutting the hair (especially for girls) makes a huge difference. It makes any treatment more effective too as the lice have nowhere to flee and it is easier to apply / wash off.

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