Holiday Birthdays

I created a cartoon about holiday birthdays (something I know all about) and then The Huffington Post saw it and interviewed me! Here’s the article. 

And here are two cartoons… the one that Huff Post saw, and then a new one I made this year.

If you have experience with holiday birthdays, let me know what you think!


  1. I can soooo relate! In my family, we have four birthdays between December 2nd and January 1st – including two children. Aaaaah! We’ve tried just about every way of combining, delaying, and celebrating half-birthdays that we can think of, and it still never gets any easier!

    • Awesome! Happy Birthday! I’ve been trying to set my website up so comments appear right away, but so far it’s still making me approve all the comments first. So that’s why you didn’t see it right away!

  2. I share my December 24th birthday with my fraternal twin sister! When we were growing up my parents had us pick a totally separate day later in the year to celebrate. We each picked different days so it was a celebration for each of us separate from the other. It worked out well!

  3. Nothing to say, what else I can imagine even thank you messages too! You are becoming me lazy but also solving my problems and time too. Thanks a lot.

  4. You know what’s REALLY not fun? When you have to postpone a birthday party because of all the craziness of the holidays!

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