Hedger Corp


Shifting alliances, challenges, triumphs and betrayals… follow the saga of the Hedger Corp employees here and on Instagram.

As you’ll see below, first I’m listing the most recent stories (and I’ll regularly update this list). Then, further down, you’ll find stories I posted a few years ago. At the very bottom of the page is a “Behind the Scenes” video about Hedger Corp.

If you want more nonsense in your life, then Hedger Corp just may be the perfect thing for you. I hope you enjoy!

Here are the Hedger Corp chapters in chronological order:
Bob’s Shoes, Part 1
Bob’s Shoes, Part 2
Bob’s Shoes, Part 3 
Bob’s Shoes, Part 4

Zombies Descend 

The Investor Meeting

The Holiday Gift Exchange

Bob in Self-Isolation, Part 1
Bob in Self-Isolation, Part 2 
Derek in Self-Isolation, Part 1
Derek Part 2 (and Ann in Self-Isolation)
Ted in Self-Isolation
Grandma Bernice in Self-Isolation
Grandma Bernice and Brandon Hatch a Plan
Bob in Quarantine
Derek and Ann in Quarantine
End of Quarantine + Beginning of Nutcracker
Nutcracker Solution and Hot Water
A Modern Company?
Hedger Corp: Embracing the Future
Star Wars Day
Bob Meets Bob
Dino Trouble

Artificial Intelligence Robot, Part 1

Artificial Intelligence Robot, Part 2

Artificial Intelligence Robot, Part 3

And here’s more! These stories below are older than the ones above. They also appear in chronological order:
(Note: This collection of posts reads as one long story, told in “chapters.” There’s a link at the bottom of each chapter to take you directly to the next chapter, so hopefully it’s easy to navigate!)
Detached arm & other events
Starbucks Run!
Meet the Interns
Team Building Workshop
Deliveries and Surprises
Productivity Retreat
Ted Asks Dangerous Questions
Choosing a Mascot
Holidays Approach
Brandon’s Eggnog Party
Office Holiday Party
Setting Goals for 2017
Get Fit or Else
Let’s Get Physical
Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong
System Crash
Brandon’s Big Discovery
Secrets from the Past
Sue’s Secret Job
Sue’s Secret Job, Part 2
Ski Retreat!
Spider in the Office!
The Magician
Ted Meets With His Evil Twin Brother
The Smile Campaign
The Mysterious Desk
The Cone of Solitude
Cone Full of Trouble
Counseling Begins

What Happened With Bob
What Happened With Derek
Ann’s Secret Is Revealed
The Paparazzi Descend
Celebrity Day Gone Wrong


Here’s a behind-the-scenes video about Hedger Corp

And here are some “Story Highlights” I’ve posted on Instagram: Hedger Corp Instagram Story Highlights