Hedger Corp: Sue’s Secret Job

The saga of Hedger Corp, told in weekly installments. More here.

Sue LOVES woodcarving. In fact, a few months ago she carved a moose and wanted it to become our office mascot. (That was a no-go.)

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Her work has even been featured in the industry trade magazine.

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So when she heard about the National Woodcarving Convention, she knew she had to go. The problem was, it was quite pricey.

She wasn’t sure how she was going to get the money. Then she wandered by The Local Ice Cream Shop and saw a sign that spoke to her.

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But Hedger Corp. has a policy strictly forbidding employees from taking a second job. She could be fired and lose her Hedger Corp salary and benefits, such as they were. Should she risk it?

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Yes. She decided she should.

She would just keep her new job very, very secret.

She went inside and introduced herself to the boss, a cheerful fellow named Danny. He was thrilled to meet her and asked her when she could start.

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Faster than you can scoop a cone, Sue was an official staff member at The Local Ice Cream Shop.

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Bart was in charge of employee orientation. He explained that the shop offered three sizes of ice cream: Large, Huge and Ridiculously Enormous.

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He also told her about the flavors. They followed an unusual naming convention.

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Evidently, Danny had been a mathematician before he opened the ice cream shop. He thought it would be cool to create flavor names that had a mathematical sound to them. No one had the heart to tell him that this was a bad idea. Such a bad idea.

The next afternoon, Sue reported for her first official shift. Danny had just received a huge ice cream cone that he was planning to display in front of the store, as a decoration.

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Unfortunately, he lost his footing and the cone slipped down onto him.

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He was stuck, and started careening around, trying to break free.

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But it was useless. The cone was there to stay.

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The employees wondered what to do. Then Boone, the cowboy employee, had an idea. He brought his dog in, so the dog could eat the cone off of Danny.

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This didn’t create an “ideal customer experience,” but it was the only solution the staff could think of.

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Before Sue could worry about customer satisfaction, however, she saw something that nearly gave her a heart attack.

It was Bob from Hedger Corp.

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He was seated in her section! If he saw her, he would realize that she had a second job and turn her in. She just knew it. After all, the Hedger Corp Tattletale Reward was $100 plus a box of day-old donuts. No one could resist that!

Sue began to sweat. She needed to think of a plan… FAST.

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Next: Things go from bad to MUCH worse as Sue attempts to avoid Bob and keep her job. Stay tuned  for the rest of Sue’s story! 

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