Hedger Corp: Starbucks Run

The saga of Hedger Corp, told in weekly installments. (First installment here, if you missed it last week.)

I needed coffee, so I sent my Hedger Corp employees to Starbucks to fetch it.starbucks-1

When they got there, everyone assumed their positions.

Ann is always in charge of ordering.


Derek is in charge of quality control, monitoring every move as the drink is created.


Sue saves my seat.

Starbucks 4.jpg

This particular trip was especially exciting because, as it turns out, the barista moonlights as an orthopedic surgeon. She was able to re-set Bob’s detached arm. And she made it look so easy!


While we waited for the drink, Ann chatted with a fellow customer and learned about some work-at-home opportunities. Don’t get any ideas there, Ann!


Meanwhile, bob searched for his favorite scone.


This happens every time. I keep telling him, “The scone is too heavy, Bob!” But does he listen? No.


Finally the drink is ready to be doctored with Sugar in the Raw.


Another successful Starbucks run! Bob got his arm back and, more importantly, I got my coffee.


Next: The staff is thrown off kilter when Hedger Corp hires three interns.


  1. Another action-packed day for Hedger Corp!! ? Great that Bob got his arm back! Only Ann seems to be missing a hand in the last picture!

  2. (Sorry, I mean Sue! And poor Bob now gets crushed by a scone? What else does this poor guy have to suffer??)

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