Hedger Corp: Future-Forward Company?

We’ve reached the final installment of the current story! (See the previous chapter here, or see all the stories here.)

I’ve been posting these on Instagram in batches of 10, but you’ll find ALL the latest posts together in this thread below.

When we left off, a local reporter was going to write an article about Hedger Corp being a modern, future-forward company. The only problem: the company is anything BUT modern. Can the employees pull the wool over the reporter’s eyes and trick him into thinking Hedger Corp is something it’s not?


  1. Every beautiful thing must come to an end. It has been a wild ride, but I, for one, have appreciated and relished every episode!!!

  2. Imagine if this becomes a sitcom somedat. Wouldn’t that be cool!

    PS…love the Ruby’s Diner car 😁

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