Hard Days

A cartoon in collaboration with Esther from Moms of Bigs (find it on Facebook here, and Instagram here). Thank you, Esther, for letting me illustrate what you wrote! Moms of Bigs has great content for anyone with “big kids” (ages 13 – 26). Definitely check it out. Also, hat tip to Grown and Flown, which is where I first saw this post. Grown and Flown is another wonderful site for parents of older kids!

We drop my oldest daughter off at college in three weeks. So far I’m dealing with my emotions by stuffing them down and ignoring them. It’s all very healthy. I’m sure this will end well!


  1. Thanks for this. I just said goodbye to my oldest daughter this morning and the tears were definitely flowing! Too many weeks of “stuffing my emotions down” brought on some ugly crying for sure. :/

  2. Loved this! So accurate, and on the eve of my daughter moving into her first apartment after graduating college. My job is done….Felt similar when we got the tuition bill that said $0.00.

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