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  1. Yeah, I receive these Indian scam emails about every few days. ‘Someone downloaded Clash of clans on your account’. ‘We are Amazon. We are unable to deliver your order because of missing personal details. Click on the link below’. There are obvious signs; ‘virifu your payParu acount’, adressing you exactly by the email name they’ve got ‘Hello Johnvandermeer,’ or general address ‘Welcome Apple Watch customer,’ ‘Hello customer,’ The most laughable was an Amazon Black Friday ‘survey’ [most likely a virus link or fishing for personal details] and it was a screenshot from an actual mail from Amazon where the scammers edited and pasted their own text into it but the screenshot from included a Black Friday timer for when the sale would end but because it was a screenshot, the timer stood still (to the minute and the second!!). Sadly many people fall for these tricks. Good to spread awareness!!

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