1. Leave it to a child to do something funny and crazy like that. As for myself,
    I would have to think about it. I used to want to freeze time when my kids were very
    little, I enjoyed them so much.

    • Yes! I’ve wanted to do a cartoon about freezing time when kids are little — I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet (how to make it funny & touching all at once). I also think it would be awesome if you could pick an age, then spend a day with your kids when they were that age. Wouldn’t that be trippy?!

  2. Once again, you have me laughing my head off. I look forward to your cartoons everyday. You always start my day off with a smile and sometimes like today, I almost choke on my coffee from laughing so hard. You are the best!!

  3. Wait…
    If time was frozen-would the phones ring? And if they ring, would the voicemail record the time you spent talking?
    I believe we have reached one of those quantum disasters we hear so much about in movies (back to the future).

    BUT if we could go back to a day when our kids were younger, would we relish the time or spend it dropping subliminal hints of what not to do in the future? “In 2 years, DO NOT SHAVE THE CAT!”, or something of the sort.

    • Oh, that’s funny! I could TOTALLY see starting out with pure intentions… “I’m going to go back in time and hug my kid all day!” But then when you get there, you would *indeed* start dropping subliminal hints. “Don’t chop your hair off in three years. You will regret it.” “Mom what are you talking about?” “Just trust me.”

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