Fall Fashion Tips

Fall fashion tips here! Yep, I’m doing my part to keep you looking sharp.

Know any kids? What “tips” would add to this list? Or maybe you have your own unique tip to add…

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Fall Fashion Tips 600


  1. The following list is optional:

    * Size
    *Ownership (as in, “whose pants are those?)
    * Original color (dad did laundry, ‘nuf said)
    * Use as directed (bandages are GREAT accessories/stickers)
    * Markers personalize anything!

  2. Capes, like the one in the second frame are cool. I thought a couple of years ago that they were coming back. My wife bought one for me at Walmart, an adult Superman cape. I wore it to the Superman movie as did a friend of mine. The kids at the movie thought we were cool. The adults, not so much. Fortunately, kids are commonly known to have much more valued opinions on things like capes. Get one.

    • I love this! And guess what — I’m one step ahead of you. I have a black velvet cape with red satin lining! And you’re right–kids definitely understand the value of a cape. Adults just don’t get it.

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