1. Yup, I will not move when I’m cuddling with my doggie…he’s got all my love attention at that special time when we are together:-)

  2. Apparently it doesn’t pass as a reasonable excuse for being late to work either. “The dog sat on my lap. What was I supposed to do, move him?”

  3. Cats do this in our house… the fun starts when BOTH of us (there are only two in our household) have cats on our lap, or legs and stomach and sometimes chest (when hubby is in his recliner). We have 9 (!!!) so it is rare for anyone to ever sit for more than 30 seconds before a cat mysteriously appears!!! I love your comics! They are the first thing I open when I check my email in the morning. I always have a smile on my face after I read them – thank you for brightening my days!!!

  4. We have ‘The Kitten Rule’. If a kitten is on your lap, the other person have to get you whatever you need.
    Sometimes the kitten is a four year old cat, but they never really grow up, right?

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