1. I told myself at the end of the school year I was gonna fix my sleep schedule over the summer. (I’m homeschooled so I only have to get up early once/twice a week)

    It is now August and I’m still going to bed at 2 am and waking up at 10-11. XD

    • You sound exactly like me, Rebecca! Been homeschooled all my life. My “day” has always been between noon and 3am. This year though, I’ll be going to a real school, so I am DOOMED 🤣

  2. LOL!! I remember when I was in school my mom would MAKE me get up early during the last two weeks of Summer to get used to getting up early. I remember as a child being rather upset that my sleep schedule was no longer my own despite it still technically being Summer, but deep down I knew she was only doing it for my best interest.

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