1. Mine does this, but likes to add some wailing as if he is injured. He also likes to do it in public, so I look like an ass ignoring him while strangers try to help the obviously injured/sad/distressed child.

  2. One of my kids picked up on the idea that the appropriate move when disappointed was to slump your shoulders, hang your head, turn, and walk slowly and dejectedly away.


    They didn’t quite get it right. The head and shoulders were slumping to nearly waist level and the arms were practically dragging on the ground. It was the move of a disappointed orangutan. Keeping a straight face was impossible in the face of this over-the-top emoting.

    • Aww! I’m laughing just reading about it. It sounds adorable and funny — and you I think you need that Charlie Brown theme song playing in the background.

  3. When my daughter was two, she tried something similar. My husband was trying to get her to leave the park. She threw herself on the sidewalk, kicking and screaming for about 5 seconds. She then stopped, looked around, got up, and calmly moved to the grass. She then decided to resume her tantrum. After all, one must be comfortable when one is pitching a hissy fit!

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