1. I usually just say, “whatever, if it’s not (whatever food I’m making) then it’ll probably still be something else that’s edible if not delicious.”

  2. When I was a kid I followed the recipe like it was a magic spell I was incanting. As I got older I got to know the ingredients so now I’m more the “glug” type.

  3. Recipes aren’t perfect and you’ve got your own tastes / health concerns and spice levels. I’m the ‘glugs’ type. If I followed baking video’s correctly, you’d have to use so salt, and too much white sugar AND brown sugar [as if sugar isn’t just s u g a r and as if that really matters], SO much margarine and oh it’s totally necessary to sieve out a few tiny flour clumps [*eyeroll] and of course the dry and wet ingredients have to be mixed in separate bowls [even though you are gonna combine them later anyways], but the baker of the video you’re following doesn’t do the dishes for you. With experimenting and shaping it to your own needs, you can personalise it, and adding spontaneous touches makes a recipe truly your own.

  4. I’m new to cooling so I’m the second cook my moms the same, but my dads a bit more like the first cook.

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