1. You NEVER know when you are going to NNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDD that tab that tells you how to turn a household refrigerator into a smokehouse…GUILTY. And you always need a refresher as to which articles you read.

  2. I blame the kids. It’s all me. One time my husband told the kids to stay off of my phone because of this, they were like “wha..?”

  3. Yes!! that is so me! My husband hates looking on my laptop because of this…but I tell him, “I need them, they must not be touched” LOL!!

  4. LOL I used to keep tabs open on my phone but now I specifically close them so I’m not eating up my data GB…but it’s so HARD to close them I always feel like I’m going to regret closing them all later.?

  5. It’s exactly opposite with me and husband. I don’t even like to open his laptop. Too many programs everywhere. I itch to close them all

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