1. This exact scenario played out in our family on a trip from NJ to Virginia. The only difference was that it was our elder daughter. Now adults, they got a kick out of my Share on FB.

    • That’s so funny, Pam! What is it with kids, shoes and cars?! As my husband said, “I don’t remember ever getting into a car when I wasn’t wearing shoes, but our kids do it all the time!”
      : )

  2. My daughter did that years ago. The thing is there were like four adult sitting in the back with her and no one thought about the fact she had no shoes on. Lol. Needless to say I had to buy a pair at the local store for full price! Lol

  3. I haven’t ever done that but whenever I’m packing for a trip I bring way too much stuff because what if I need it?!?

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